Production Processes

Production processes

  Melting:Aluminum ingots are cast into aluminum bar in a furnace.

  Extrusion:The aluminum bar is put into the extruder together with the mold to extrude the required aluminum profile.

  Aging:The extruded aluminum needs aging for 2-3 hours to strengthen its surface hardness.The mill finish is finished.

  Surface treament:Surface treatment can not only protect the aluminum surface from scratches, but also play a beautiful effect, according to customer needs to do different surface treatment including andised、electrophresis、powder coating、wood color、Brush、polished、sand blasting.

  Deep processing:After surface treatment, you can choose whether to deep processing including punching、drilling、laser、carving、Fine saw、CNC.

  Packing:The goods can be shipped upon completion of packing.


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